Home Team players

  • All home team players who play the match must be listed on the scorecard
  • The player’s position when they first take the court must recorded on the scorecard

Guest players

  • Name, own team they are affiliated to and position played each quarter for the team they are helping out must be recorded for all guest players

Captain’s duties, attitude and appearance should be scored by the umpires between 1 – 5, where 1 is low and 5 is high

  • See below for descriptions of each category
  • If the scorecard is incorrectly completed, the Fixtures & Welfare Secretary will deduct 1 point for each error from the captains duties score

Player of the match – Umpires should ask the teams for the opposing team’s player of the match.  Only one player of the match may be nominated, if player is an U19 player – enter Y in the U19 box.  Guest players cannot be chosen as the player of the match. If Guest player is listed no player of the match will be awarded for that team

All scorecards must be posted in scorecard box by 1:30pm


Captain’s duties

  • Ensures all fingernails of team players are acceptable for play
  • Ensures all team players have removed all jewellery in line with England Netball rules – NO JEWELLERY can be worn covered with tape other than one gold wedding ring – Belly-button and tongue piercings must be checked for
  • Completes scorecard details, including details of any guest players, for the umpire
  • Controls team attitude
  • Controls supporters attitude
  • Signs scorecard at the end of the match



  •  Players must respect and accept the umpire’s decisions
    • No players should question an umpires decision during play
  • All players must respect each other and the opposition
  • Dangerous play is not permitted



  • All players should wear netball skirts, shorts alone are not permitted
  • All team players should wear the same kit (unless there are guest players – in this instance points will not be docked for appearance)
  • Teams will not be docked points for appearance if players are wearing jogging bottoms/leggings
  • Teams will only be marked down if they have their full team and they are not all wearing the same colours/skirts, etc.


Guest Player Positions

Permitted guest players (refer to By-Laws) must play at least 2 places out of position from their registered position with the League if they are playing in the same division. 2 places out of position is as follows:

GK can play WD/C/WA/GA                        GD can play C/WA/GA/GS

WD can play WA/GA/GS/GK                     C can play GA/GS/GK/GD

WA can play GS/GK/GD/WD                     GA can play GK/GD/WD/C

GS can play GD/WD/C/WA



Any issues or complaints regarding conduct of an opposing team or umpire must be submitted to the committee in writing as soon as possible following the match in question via the League Secretary.  The committee will investigate all allegations and report back to the relevant parties in writing once all of the relevant information has been gathered, discussed and an outcome agreed by the committee.  Additional information regarding any grievances can be found in the Welwyn Hatfield Netball League By-Laws May 2018.